How To Start A Peoples Town Hall In Your Community!
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Why Start A Town Hall In Your Community?

Because It Is Time For All To Stand For Our Liberty and the pursuit of happiness Before It's To Late!
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It Is Our Country

We are America's
Everyday People...

...all 330 million+ of us, and We Want America To Be America, and We Want all People To

"Be Americans First"
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Together We Can Defend Our Liberty!

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It Has Been Said That The Only Way For Evil To Win Is When Good Men and Women Do Nothing!
As We The Everyday People Come Together In Communities Across America...
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We Can Take A Solid Stand:

  • For The GOOD Of Mankind!
  • for the good of our country!
  • for the good of our families!
  • for the good of our souls! 
  • For The Protection Of The Constitution!


  • For The Welfare of Our Communities! 
  • A Stand For
"WE The Everyday People"!

What Is Included In The
"WE The Peoples Town Hall"  
Non-Partisan platform?

The Town Hall Platform Includes:
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information and services access to:

  • Information in your community that will provide a greater awareness to the issues that need to have local input, progress, and growth of your community.

  • all local political and economic issues that are most important to your specific community. Enlightenment on the Constitution

Local Political & Legislative access to:
  • a political campaigning platform to promote and support local reps who are running for political offices,
  • immediate access to those who are already in office, to see how they are voting on the issues,
The Liberty Of Free Speech
  • conveniently voice your opinion, share your views and be heard, as well as be an active participant in your local, political action groups, (If you choose).
Plus: You will have access to daily live streaming events, podcasts, and webinars.
It's Time To Re-Empower The Everyday People And Keep our Country Great!
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If Knowledge is power....
 it has been said, that To become an empowered as a people we need a clear recollection of the past events that have made this country. Let us all begin to better support one another in our quest to become a stronger and wiser American People.

Let's Get more familiar with our constitution and the
bill of rights!

Let's  always know where
we stand.
It is time for all of us to come together As
One People...
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True American People!
You know, the kind of people who are willing to sacrifice for freedom! To start with, we need to become a more active people. So, now's the time to become a part of our  Revolutionary Platform, to learn, gain knowledge, express ourselves, and be heard by our elected representatives. 

When You Build Your ...
The Peoples Town Hall Logo-6 copy.png will be providing access to the most powerful and comprehensive collection of information and resources, that will empower all of the citizens of your community to act peacefully, with boldness and courage. 
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It's Time To Do The
"Right Thing"
Best Friends
Our objective is to provide the everyday people in your community with access to: 
  • a variety of videos, podcasts and blogs.
  • peaceful conversations about issues and the concerns of all citizens within each of our "Town Hall" communities.

  • live streaming, news articles and stories.

  • local news and issues of the day.

  • and so much more