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Welcome To:
                   The Introduction of...
Our Strength
Is In Our...
A Network Of
We The Peoples Town Hall!
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Empowering Everyday People Across America To Speak Out & Be Heard On The Issues, & To
Take Action NOW!
Now You Can Be A Part Of Building
The Most Amazing Network of Communities in America by
becoming a Member in Your Community Today!

Who Are We
& What Do We Do?


Grass Roots 
People Of America!

Now Is The time For All Americans, Not Just Democrats & Republicans...
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Republican Party Logo.png
To Take A Stand... 
In Our Communities!
Our Mission is to establish "The Peoples Town Hall"...
What-does-it-mean-to-be-an-American-770x470.jpg every community in America. We are seeking support from individuals, Groups & Organizations within our State and in each community, to join with us in raising the everyday peoples awareness about how we can all safely and easily exercise our God given freedoms, which are protected by the "Constitution of the United States of America". 
Hello Grass Roots
We Are Calling For
An Awakening & Unification of the Grass Roots People Of America.

Let's All Come Together

You And Me...
& Let You Be You
& Me Be Me!
And Then At Times Let's Just...
Agree To Disagree 
If It Need Be!
And... Always Remember...
I Don't Hate You, & You Don't Hate Me!  On This One Point,
Can We At least Agree!
Copyright symbal_edited.jpg
Bill Misrasi - 9/2022
It's Time To Remenber...
Millions Of people.jpeg
... That WE  Are the American People
330 Million Strong!
It's "WE THE PEOPLE" that have built America, not the government. Our government was organized by the people, our Founding Fathers, with the purpose of protecting and defending our God given rights and freedoms. As we remember that we are the American people, we need to get more vocal in reminding our government that we elected them to protect and defend "We the People". 
Let's Get United!
Let's Bring The Entire Population Together! 
GoBeSayDo Book Cover copy.jpg

Let's ...
Go Be Say & Do...

...What's Necessary To
Unite "We The American People"!
The Title Of Our Liberty.jpg
Let's GO pursue Liberty and Justice for all. And show our God how thankful we are and how much we appreciate all of the beautiful amenities He has provided for us to be a FREE country.
Peacefull Patriot Logo-2.png
Let's BE A Peaceful, God Loving, Neighbor Loving People who respect the rule of law found in the "Constitution of the United States of America". Let's unite as citizens in our communities and states.
BeAnAmerican_First Logo-3.png
Let's SAY That We The People are Americans First. A people who remember our history and what it has taken to build such a great country over the past 200+ years.
Let's Do the right thing and vote for the right representatives who love this country and want to help protect it's heritage, and the people who live here today. 
Let's GoBeSayDo according to the Constitution and make it a constant in our daily lives. Let's know what rights and privileges we have that are protected by it, and then let's stand for them and demand we be governed as defined to the letter. 
Click Here ... To Join Your Community Today!

How Do We Get Started!

Girl Gazing
People are always saying : 
"The problems are to big, there is nothing I can do to really make a difference! I am only one person". And I Get That!
  • It comes back to the old metaphor, How Do You Eat An Elephant? One bite at a time. Our country is the elephant so we have to start taking small bites. 
  • So, where do we start biting? In our states and communities. They are smaller elephants, but that is where "We the People" can truly make a difference. 
  • All of the peoples representatives come from our State and Local elections. The voting system in America is what sets us apart from every other country. "We the People" choose the people we want to run for office and then we promote (campaign) for them, and elect them by our right to vote. 
  • The power of our voice is heard in our votes. This is the greatest power the people have. If we can't be heard there then we have no democracy. The integrity of our election system is currently being questioned. So here is where we take our first big bite.  
So what can we do?
I am glad you asked. 
Our Moto... Let's
Go-Be-Say & Do
We GO & Secure Our...


Get Rid Of The Machines Or Monitor Them More Closely!

We BE active In...

Making Sure Our

Is Counted!...
by taking part in your
 local community watch programs at the voting centers.
 We SAYsomething
about what we see. We Speak Out...

...on the issues that effect your community election process and help elect better candidates for public office...
 Then We DO all we can to make sure everyone who votes gets correctly counted & represented on the issues that effect your community, and help elect better candidates for public office!
We Are The
Everyday People
Of America
We all need to get and stay involved...
at the local community level by becoming more aware of the issues that are truly affecting the freedoms we  enjoy. 
Go To Your Community Now
& learn more about how you can help secure the voting integrity of  your voting system.

What Are The Issues?

Here are just a few issues running ramped in
our great Country of America.  
  • Racism
  • Nationalism
  • Capitalism
  • Fascism
  • Communism
  • Americanism
  • Riots
  • Insurgents
  • Record Crime
  • Police Reform
  • Parents Rights
  • School Boards
  • Taxes
  • Mandates
  • Illegal immigrants
  • Health care
  • Southern boarder
  • Drugs/deaths
  • Human trafficking
  • Government spending
  • Masks & vax
  • Voting laws
  • Voting rights
  • Discrimination
  • Hate crime
  • School curriculums
  • Tirm limits
Now It's Time Connect to...
"We The People's
Town Hall"
And Start Taking Action In Your Community
In This Revolutionary
Peoples Platform?

It's About
The Everyday People Of America

Most people are busy trying to balance life, work & community service. We just don't have time to get to all the necessary meetings, such as city council, county commission, school board meetings & etc. 
It's time to learn how you can take part in all of the above, and start making a difference in re-awakening "We The People" in your community. 

Where Is Our Country Headed?

Learn More
America Is Divided Right Down the Party Lines.
Many have forgotten that we are one country with two parties that are supposed to work together to build one strong country of united people. The time has come when the people from both parties have got to set the example and work together to unite our country.
Inflation Is Raging
The annual inflation rate in the US slowed more than expected to 8.5% in July of 2022 from an over 40-year high of 9.1% hit in June, and below market forecasts of 8.7%. Energy CPI rose by 32.9%, after hitting a 42-year high of 41.6% in June, mainly due to a big slowdown in gasoline costs (44% vs 59.9%), fuel oil (75.6% vs 98.5%), and natural gas (30.5% vs 38.4%), while electricity prices accelerated to 15.2%, the most since February 2006. Cost also slowed for new vehicles (10.4% vs 11.4%) and airline fares (27.7% vs 34.1%). 
Economists are divided on the risk of a U.S. recession.

U.S. GDP declined by 0.9% year-on-year in the second quarter and by 1.6% in the first, meeting the traditional definition of a recession. The slump in growth was driven by a number of factors including falling inventories, investment and government spending. Inflation-adjusted personal income and saving rates also fell.

However, in the U.S. a recession is officially declared by the National Bureau of Economic Research, which likely won’t make a judgment on the period in question for some time.

U.S. Crime is Still Dramatically Higher Than Before the Pandemic
Homicides hit historic highs in some cities in 2020 and 2021. The homicide numbers for the first half of 2022, which are based on data from 23 cities, are still 39% higher than they were in the same time period of 2019.
The Threat of Al Qaeda and ISIS-K in Taliban-Controlled Afghanistan!
A year and a half before their takeover of Afghanistan in August, the Taliban signed a deal with the U.S. stipulating that they would not allow any individuals or groups to use Afghan soil “to threaten the security of the United States and its allies.”

The Threat Of War Is Looming On More Than One Front!

We the People of America need to awaken to the fact that it could happen to us. We need to wake up and take a greater action in our great country to prevent it.
Do We Feel Safe In America?
Let's Avert it before It Comes Here! 

...Before It's To Late

What Is The Current State Of Things In Washington

What Are The Republicans Claiming To Do For The People Of America?


What Are The Democrats Claiming To Do For The People Of America?

Joe Biden Democrat President.png
What Is The Number One Thing That Democrats & Republicans Have In Common?
Donald Trump.png

They Are All

But... The Big Problem In America Today Is...
We Are Divided!
And, Here Is One Of The Many Reasons We Are!

Where Do We Go
From Here... 

...To Bring Us Back Together? Not Only As The United States,
But As The United People? 
Let's Go Here... 

"Into Our Communities"

Believing and understanding the
following very basic facts.
Let's BE A More Alert 
Everyday People
That Make Up America!
Let's SAY to our Elected Officials
...This Is Our Country

Not the Governments.
Let's DO What 
"We The People"
Collectively Can

Let's Demand transparency & Accountability
From Our People Elected Officials!

Let's Take...
A Much More Active Role in directing the future
of  the greatest Nation In The World! Let's Be 
Let's GO Out Today
And Be More Proactive 
In Making A Difference As Citizens In Our Communities!
BeAnAmerican_First Logo-3.png

It's Now Time To... 

GO...Get Connected
To Our communities!
BE...United  In One America"
SAY... What You Believe

DO...What It Takes To Influence The People to take Action! 

All 330+ Million!
Let's bring the control of government
back to the Cities & States!
Be An American First
The Strongest Government Is Found Closest to The people!
Right Where We live... In Our Communities!

Now there's a Platform to provide all an easier way to serve in Our Local Communities!

The Peoples Town Hall Logo-6 copy.png
  •  Where we can GO to just "Be Americans First." It is truly a platform that provides a "We The People's Network of Service." 
  • Where Everyday People Can BE people of  reason and common sense, can more easily make a difference by voice and action, and can be heard Loud & Clear! A Network of Peaceful Patriotic Americans.
  • A Platform To SAY things Louder than the Minority. To drown out the media! A Peoples Platform!
  • As Every Day People SAY in a Loud Voice, (A Roar!) We Demand our Liberty, Peace, Happiness and Safety.
  • GO To A Platform That Teaches and Educates the everyday people in our communities and across America. 
  • Go To A Platform Where Everyday People Can BE One of the 330 million Americans, by gaining access to greater knowledge and understanding of all freedoms, rights and privilege's afforded us by God & protected by the Constitution.
  • A Peoples Platform to BE a Greater Influence and To DO good things that establish knowledge, like and trust within our communities.
  • A Platform Where We Do The Right Thing and Invite God back into our government, schools & all community functions. Where to love one another happens naturally, it is what He wants us to do. 
  • Let's GoBeSayDo...
    all things that strengthen our communities, educate the people and participate in balancing our environment. And Let's Remember After All...
"This Is Gods Country!"
Now You Can Utilize Our  platform to Empower The People In Our Communities!
Divers group with Flag.jpg
Where local citizens
Can Always Be Connected... everything happening at the community level. You can find the schedule of your local city council, county commission meetings or town hall meetings. live and recorded meetings always available on line to watch live or to replay later or even on another day at your convenience. connect & make comments, start discussions, or have a live streamed conversation with your representatives about any of the issues pertinent to your community.
..."We The Peoples Town Hall" is a platform designed to provide a voice to every person who is willing to take some time to help make a difference in managing our out of control government representatives, while at the same time, having access to the most important and timely information about all things community. ​ provide everyone in our communities, easy access on a regular basis to a plethora of interactive information and services. Not only to access it, but to interact with it at any time of the day or night.
It's A Place For
We The People... 
...To Come & Work Together
In Our Communities.
  • Not As Racists 
  • Not As Minorities
  • Not As Dissenters
  • Not As Intimidators
  • Not As Spreaders of False Narratives
But as Grass Roots,  Everyday American People, Who Love Their Neighbors, Communities, Country And Our
It's Also A Place Where 
We Come Together ... 

...To Be One

The Title Of Our Liberty.jpg
1stamendment to the bill of Rights -Pic.jpg
Who Are Pursuing A Desire & Right For...
Life, Liberty, Peace and Happiness 
For ...
330 million
of us!
So, As Has Been Said...
We Are All About Giving

Everyday People
A Platform For Their Voice To Be Heard ​& Action To
Take Place!  
So, now it is up to each individual     to start taking advantage of all the tools
available at a local level!

It's about the everyday people in the communities stepping up with a desire to do something. No More excuses. It's about taking action. It's about not complaining about how things are, but instead, stand up, speak out & demand change!


Let's not verbally destroy our current representatives just because they aren't doing things exactly as we wish. But instead let's  peacefully come together with the power of the people, express our discontent, demand true and transparent reporting of their actions, and if needed,let's help find and support better people to run for offices in the next elections.


...get out

and vote!

Your Vote Counts.jpg

and most importantly!

It's The Future Of America

It's truly in the hands of the people.
It's literally up to us to make sure it continues as a free country! 

Cracked Concrete Wall
Flag And Satue Of Liberty.jpg
Let's Remember
Who America Is?
Watch Video

I Am The Nation (Narrated By Johnny Cash)

Was originally written by Otto Whittaker in 1955 and printed as a public relations advertisement for the Norfolk and Western Railway January 15, 1976 Oct 10, 2021 70DISLIKESHAREDOWNLOADSAVE

Rich Weller 


America Is Our Nation! 

Discover Your Local Peoples Town Hall Today!

Don't Get Discouraged 
Thinking You Are Just One Person In A Small Community In A Great Big Country...
you are an integral part of what makes up the more than 330 Million, "Everyday People"
in America!
Also Remember...
You are one of the millions of individuals, living in one of the thousands of communities that make up America.
...And Most Of All Remember... Each One of Us in Each of Our Communities Can Truly Make a Difference When We
In Our Own Community!
Gray Foil Texture
Let's Get Proactive
The American People.jfif
Gray Foil Texture
... In Our Communities, Where Our Voices Can Be
Heard and Our Actions Can Truly Make a
The Peoples Town Hall Logo-6 copy.png
It can all happen now in
the most powerful & Revolutionary
Peoples Community Platform.

Join With Us Today
Help Us Build the Strongest and Most
"We The People Organized" Communities in the World.
This Is Your Call
To Action!
We Invite You To
Click Here & Join A...

"We The People's Town Hall"
In Your Community Today!
Click Below To ....
We Are Making It Possible for Everyone to Peacefully Speak Out and Clearly Demand to be
116th Congress.jfif
By those we have elected to     represent us. Let's hold them accountable! 
It's Truly Time
For All Americans To Take A Stand!
Let's Be Re-Awakened And...

Let's Be Heard!

All 330,000,000 + of us
"Everyday People"